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About Daniel

Daniel is, first and foremost, a person. He is a person who has done some things, is doing other things and wishes to do more and different things in the future.

·       Daniel is a husband and a father of four children.

·       Daniel has been, and is, a student. He received a BSc. In Economics and Philosophy with First Class Honors from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Daniel completed coursework in economics and mathematics at MIT and he is currently completing his Ph.D. in Economics at MIT.

·       Daniel has been involved in education in other ways as well. He is a past Vice-Chairman of the Board of Grand Valley State University in Michigan USA.

·       Daniel has been, and is, a prolific blogger and letter writer. He has written for the Sceptical Market Observer blogpost and he has been, and is, a frequent letter writer in the Financial Times newspaper.

·       Daniel has been, and plans in the future to be an author of books. He has written two books on economics; The Financial Crisis Reconsidered and A Theory of Accumulation and Secular Stagnation, both published in 2015/16 by Palgrave-Macmillan/Springer.

·       Daniel has been, is, and plans to be in the future, a business entrepreneur. He has invested in land and developed many types of real estate in different locations in the US and he has been a pioneer in the creation of endangered species mitigation banks. He has earned his share of trophies and battle scars.

·       Daniel has not read nearly as much as he would like – he reads very slowly; he cannot read faster than he can talk – but he hopes to redress this grievous deficiency by reading lots more  as life goes on.

·       Daniel has travelled somewhat (he is a Yank who attended university in the UK) but not nearly as much as he would like. He hopes to redress that grievous deficiency as life goes on.

·       Daniel is in reasonably good shape; he is a so-so cook and a bad gardener. He hopes to spend more time and improve in all those pursuits as life goes on.

·       Daniel is insatiably curious about China and technology. He has dabbled in both, but intends to spend more time on them in the future by integrating them into his business and academic pursuits.

·       Finally, Daniel has in the past, does now and absolutely will in the future, spend lots of time with his family.